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In the kitchen

How to prepare a bell pepper

It’s an easy and effective method to cut the bell pepper.

Step 1.

First of all rinse the bell pepper.




Step 2.

Place the pepper on the cutting board. Using a sharp knife cut the circle around the top of the pepper. Don’t cut it off, just make not very deep incision around the stem.



Step 3.

Pull the head off by the stem.




Step 4.

Cut the pepper in half lengthwise. 




Step 5.

Remove the seeds left inside the pepper and cut the white ribs off. Slice each half into thin sticks.



Step 6.

In case you need a diced pepper, stack several pepper sticks together and cut them widthwise to make dices.



Well done!

Posted on 19 August 2013


Sofía 1 May 2014
Thank you :)

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vegelicacy 7 May 2014
Hi Sofía, I am glad you liked the tutorial. Thanks for commenting!

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