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In the kitchen

How to peel and cut pineapple wedges

Today we will learn how to peel and cut a whole pineapple. Cutting through the pineapple skin may seem intimidating if you have never done that before. But as soon as you will learn how to do that, you will never buy precut or canned pineapples again. Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to cut pineapple wedges. It's easy and fun! 

How to cut a pineapple -

Step 1

So, you bought a beautiful pineapple with a magical sweet smell. I believe that the ripe pineapples should smell good, so I choose pineapples according to their smelling ability :))  Another indicator of pineapple ripeness is the color, the more yellow, the better.

Wash the pineapple before cutting. You will need a sharp knife and a cutting boards for the next step. 

How to cut a pineapple - vegelicacy.comStep 2

Place the fruit horzontally. Cut off the bottom and the top part with the leaves. 

How to cut a pineapple - Vegelicacy.comStep 3

Stand the pineapple upright. Start cutting off the rind from top to bottom. 

How to cut a pineapple - Vegelicacy.comStep 4

Check the pulp and If necessary cut off remaining eyes. 

How to cut a pineapple - Vegelicacy.comStep 5

Cut the pineapple in half lengthwise. Then cut each half into half again to get quaters. 

How to cut a pineapple - Vegelicacy.comStep 6

Cut away the hard core from each quater. The central part is difficult to chew, but at the same time it's rich in healthy enzymes. So, you can skip this step.  

How to cut a pineapple - Vegelicacy.comStep 7

Cut the pineapple pulp into small wedges. Store sliced pineapple in the fridge for up to one week. Alternatively freeze your pineapple pieces to enjoy them later in smoothies. 



Posted on 8 May 2014