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In the kitchen

How to peel an avocado

I guess that most vegetarians love avocado fruit for its wonderful creamy texture, mild subtle taste, nutritional value, and beautiful green color. All that qualities of avocado make it a perfect ingredient for delicious vegetarian dishes, such as Mexican guacamole. Avocados are used for various creamy sauces, sandwiches, sushi rolls and cold soups. Before peeling and cutting an avocado, make sure that your fruit is ripe. To learn how to choose a ripe fruit as well as health benefits of avocado, follow this link

How to peel an avocado step by step

Как почистить авокадо

Step 1.

At first, rinse an avocado. Prepare a sharp knife and a cutting board. 


Как почистить авокадо

Step 2.

Cut an avocado in half lengthwise. Make a full circle around the firm pit inside the fruit. In order to separate the two halves, rotate them in opposite directions. 


Как почистить авокадоStep 3.

Remove the seed using a teaspoon. Place a tip of the spoon under the pit, gently lift it up, discard the seed. In case you want to eat your avocado by itself, just eat it from the halves, scooping out the flesh with a spoon. Otherwise, go to the next step.


Как почистить авокадо
Step 4.

On the skin of each half, make a shallow slit, each running lengthwise from one end to the other, and then easily peel the skin off. If needed, help with a knife.


Как почистить авокадо

Step 5.

Cut the ripe avocado flesh as you like. If you still don’t know what to make with your lovely green avocado, go to the page with avocado recipes. It’s going to be tasty!



Posted on 27 January 2014