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In the kitchen

How to choose a vegetable peeler

Vegetable peeler is a wonderful tool which makes cooking process much easier and certainly more enjoyable. I am a minimalist and I don’t like to buy too much stuff, when it’s possible to dispense with it. But not in this case, because a good vegetable peeler is so practical and useful device that I prefer to have it around every time I cook. 

горизонтальная овощечистка, морковь

Why to use a vegetable peeler

Vegetable peeler is an essential tool which makes the process of peeling so easy, fast and safe. It is obvious that the peelers make get the job done more efficiently than the parking knives do. Veggie peelers remove really thin slices of the skin which leads to more rational consumption.

Vegetable peelers can be also used for slicing, when you want to get equal and paper-thin vegetable slices. For example, it’s applicable for potato chips and eggplant rolls.  

What you need to know to buy a good vegetable peeler

  • When choosing a vegetable peeler the shape is the first thing to look at. There are two basic styles available: vertical bladed peelers, where the blade is parallel to the handle, and yoke-shape peelers, where the blade is perpendicular to the handle. I prefer Y-shape peelers as they are versatile for different shape vegetables and fruits, while vertical bladed peelers are more suitable for longer veggies like cucumbers and carrots.
    горизонтальная овощечисткавертикальная овощечистка
                      Yoke-shape peeler                                              Vertical bladed peeler
  • Look for a peeler with a swiveling blade as it is more convenient to work with and it follows the shape of the vegetable being peeled.  
  • The edge of the blade can be either straight or serrated. A serrated blade is good for softer vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and kiwi.
  • If you are left-handed, make sure the peeler has a two-side blade which is universal for both right-handers and left-handers.
  • If you consider buying a peeler with ceramic blade, you need to know that ceramic keeps edge longer, it doesn’t produce rust and doesn’t reacts with acidic fruits like apples and tomatoes. However, ceramic is easy to damage and quite expensive.

керамическая овощечистка

  • Handles also deserve special attention. Plastic is the best choice since it’s light and doesn’t carry bacteria. Make sure that the surface is even and without roughness. It’s good if a peeler has a non-slip handle.

The next thing to consider when choosing a vegetable peeler is cost. The prices vary from 1$ to a few hundred dollars. I wouldn’t buy neither the cheapest peeler nor the most expensive one. In my opinion a reasonable price is between 10 and 20 dollars. You will probably find a variety of vegetable peelers in your local kitchen supply store. 

If you still don’t have a vegetable peeler in your kitchen, I highly recommend buying it. This kitchen tool will save your time and efforts.

Posted on 18 October 2013