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In the kitchen

How to cut a mango?

Mango is an amazing fruit – so sweet, delicious and juicy but some people avoid buying it because they don’t know how to prepare it. In fact it’s pretty simple to cut a mango if you know how to do that.

Mango is a fruit with a solid fibrous seed inside and it’s quite challenging to cut it through. The trick to cut a mango is to cut off the pulp around the seed. When you buy mangoes, choose heavy fruits with lovely aroma, ripe fruits yield slightly if you press them with your fingers. The color of skin can be different and don’t show the ripeness of the fruit.

Mango skin is not edible; it has bad taste and may cause allergy and rash.

Instructions on how to cut a mango

манго, как разрезать манго

Step 1.

Wash the mango; prepare a cutting board and a knife.




как разрезать манго

Step 2.

Cut off small part near the stem in order to make it more steady for the next steps. 




манго, как разрезать манго

Step 3.

Place the mango vertically on a cutting board, slice off so called mango cheeks. The pit is in the center piece. 



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 4.

Cut remaining pulp from the mango pit. Trim around the pit to remove the remaining pulp.



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 5.

With a tip of a knife make cross-cut slices on both mango cheeks without cutting through the skin.



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 6.

Carefully press the mango inside out to form wonderful mango hedgehogs. You can serve mango this way.



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 7.

Cut the mango cheeks into halves.



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 8.

Slice off mango dices with a knife.



манго, как разрезать манго

Step 9.

Peel off the other mango parts and dice mango flesh. 



манго, как разрезать манго

Now you have a cup of tasty mango dices!




Posted on 11 October 2013