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Some time ago I was contacted by Wendy, a passionate traveller and an author of the Nomadic Vegan blog where she shares her travelling stories and usuful tips for vegan travellers. Wendy asked me some questions about veganism in Russia. And I was very glad to share my thoughts about it. You can read our small interview here

My interview about Veganism in Russia

I am sure you will find it helpful if you are planning your trip to Russia. Also guys, let me know what else you'd like to know about travelling to my country. I would appreciate your comments. 

Posted on 30 September 2015
Here is fancy way to serve baked potatoes for your holiday family dinners and friend parties. No one can resist eating these awesome edible roses, and the kids will be especially delighted!  They look gorgeouly beautiful, elegant and impressive and make a great decoration for any meal. The preparation is pretty simple, and you will need a mandoline slicer or a vegetalbe peeler to cut potatoes into thin slices. The recipe with step-by-step guide you will find ON THIS PAGE. Bon appétit! [...]
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Posted on 1 April 2015
Valentine's day is almost there! It's such a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care for them. And I am absolutely convinced that there is no better way to express your warm feelings than cooking healthy and delicious meal! Here I have rounded up some of my favorite recipes in case you are looking for some healthy vegan Valentine's day ideas!  ♥ Raw Vegan Linzer Cookies ♥   ♥ Cucumber Flotilla ♥   ♥ Pasta with Vibrant Beet Pesto ♥   [...]
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Posted on 13 February 2015
One of the reasons I love food-blogging is that I am always surrounded by like-minded people, my readers and other food-bloggers. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of vegetarian or vegan friends in my real life, and when I meet someone who shares my views, I feel so happy! Some time ago I was lucky to meet a wonderful blogger, Rika of Vegan Miam. Rika has an amazing and sparkling personality, she is super-friendly and always ready to help. Rika runs a vegan food and travel blog together with her partner Doni. They write about their travel experiences, local food and restaurants. [...]
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Posted on 19 July 2014
Hey, my name is Vika, I am the author of website. I am thrilled to see you in my blog where I write about my vegan culinary discoveries, life stories, ispiring thoughts and other things I want to share. ♥
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