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Elegant Baked Potato Roses

Beautiful Baked Potato Roses

Here is fancy way to serve baked potatoes for your holiday family dinners and friend parties. No one can resist eating these awesome edible roses, and the kids will be especially delighted! 

They look gorgeouly beautiful, elegant and impressive and make a great decoration for any meal. The preparation is pretty simple, and you will need a mandoline slicer or a vegetalbe peeler to cut potatoes into thin slices.

The recipe with step-by-step guide you will find ON THIS PAGE. Bon appétit!

Posted on 1 April 2015


Christina 18 June 2015

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vegelicacy 18 June 2015
Thank you Christina!

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Janice 23 April 2016
Great idea can't wait to try it tonight

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Vegan Babe 23 October 2015
Absolutely amazing idea, thank you for sharing!

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vegelicacy 23 October 2015
Thank you dear!

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dabob 26 July 2016
Made them a couple of weeks ago . . . they get to be slippery little devils when you brush the oil/seasoning onto them . . . found if you just roll them up without it and wait till they are in the pan it's a whole lot less frustrating . . . but a really nice presentation . . . had filet mignon and asparagus with it.

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