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So happy to say hello!


My name is Vika – short for Victoria, I am the author of website. I am thrilled to see you in my blog where I will write about my culinary discoveries, life stories, inspiring thoughts and other things I want to share.

Cooking is my passion and source of inspiration, I love spending time in my small kitchen where the magic of taste transformation happens. My culinary journey started in 2008, when I found a love of my life. Love was my motivation to cook delicious and beautiful dishes. Since then I never get tired to experiment with the taste. Frankly speaking, cooking is easy and fun! Just make sure that you are in a right mood and don’t forget that a part of your soul is a must ingredient for any recipe! Keep it in mind, and the result will be outstanding!

The idea of website came when I faced the problem to find qualitative vegetarian recipes for myself. I wanted to develop a website where people can easily find appropriate recipe according to their specific dietary habits. I find that step-by-step photos can be very helpful, especially for those who is not very confident at cooking.

Every recipe published in my vegelicacy profile I cooked and pictured by myself in my kitchen. Every recipe was tested and approved by my nears and dears before publication, so I bet you will love them too. I enjoy getting your feedbacks, so don’t hesitate to leave your comments, your opinion is much appreciated.

A few words about me

I am 23 years old, I live in Moscow, Russia with my lovely husband Vasily. He is my great love, best friend, and of course he is a true fan of my cooking.

Thankfully we are like-minded people - we are both vegetarians for ethical reasons. We love animals and respect life of every creature. It was a decision we made together and never regretted about that.

How to contact me

You can drop me a line using this contact form page. Alternatively, you can find me on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted on 18 September 2013


Hey, my name is Vika, I am the author of website. I am thrilled to see you in my blog where I write about my vegan culinary discoveries, life stories, ispiring thoughts and other things I want to share. ♥ Read more