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Russian Vegan Recipes

You may be surprised to know that the traditional Russian cuisine provides a huge variety of vegan dishes. That’s because traditionally most of Russian people are Orthodox Christians, and for more than half of the year they are prescribed to observe various spiritual fasts. During fast days Orthodox Christians should limit their needs, live and eat simply and modestly. I was delighted to know that more than 130 days every year Orthodox Christians should avoid eating any animal products, which actually means that they should eat the same way as vegans! Unfortunately, these days not so many people follow these wise rules, as modern generation is not very pious. But still, thanks to religious traditions, every Russian dish probably has its fast (or vegan) version.

Veganism is not very popular in Russia yet. Such seemingly indispensable vegan products as non-dairy milk, tofu, vegannaise and nutritional yeast are not readily available even in cosmopolitan cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, in my opinion it’s quite easy to be vegan in Russia, as a lot of healthy grains, root vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, some fruits and vegetables are available during the whole year. 

Russian Vegan Recipes

Well, in this page I will collect my Russian vegan recipes, so that you will be able to find them all easily. Check this page,as I am going to update it regularly with new recipes.

Russian Vegan Appetizers

Russian vegan squash caviar puree

Kabachkovaya Ikra

Squash Caviar (Ikra) is an unbelievably yummy vegetable pate which is extremely popular in Russia. It's so good on bread or crackers!

Russian Vegan Mother in Law Tongue Recipe

Mother in Law Tongue

These beautiful eggplant rolls make my mouth water so desperately! Spectacular appetizer with a funny name!

Russian Vegan Pierozhki Small Pies


Cabbage stuffed small pies are what Russian babushkas usually cook for their grandchildren, and that's why we love these pleasant home-made pastry dish! Mmm, the lovely taste of childhood!


Russian Vegan Salads

Popular Russian vegan Olivier Salad

Olivier Salad

Olivier is the most loved salad in Russia. It's an absolute must for a New Year's celebration at every family! This is my vegan version which we created with my mom. It's so insanely delicious!

Russian Rooty Vinegret Salad

Vinegret Salad

In Russia vinegrette is not a salad dressing but a beautiful salad made of cooked rooty vegetables with sauerkraut and pickles. It's very tasty, easy to make and absolutely vegan!

Russian vegan herring under a fur coat salad

Vegan Shuba

This is a vegan version of traditional Russian dish called Herring under a Fur Coat. It is a hearty and delicious salad which is served in every special occasion in Russia. But this time no herring was harmed.

Russian Vegan Soups

Russian vegan sauerkraut shchi soup

Sauerkraut Shchi

Shchi is definitely one of the most popular Russian soup and one of my favourite for sure!

Russian Vegan Borscht Beet Soup


vegan version of traditional Russian-Ukrainian beetroot soup. This is my mom's recipe and I swear it's outstanding!

Russian Vegan Pearl Barley Rassolnik

Pearl Barley Rassolnik

Rassolnik is a simple and hearty staple soup of Russia. If you find the idea of pickle soup weird, give it a try, as you may be pleasantly surprised with the result!

Russian Vegan Kharcho Soup

Kharcho Soup

Vegan kharcho soup is a generous gift of Georgian cuisine! This soup is very popular in the countries of former Soviet Union. Kharcho is an amazing dish that will warm your soul! Give it a chance and you will love it!

Russian Vegan Ukha Soup

Vegan Ukha Soup

A rich vegan soup of mushrooms and barley! This hearty and deep-flavored Russian soup is very popular during the winter season. I usually cook it with dried boletus, but you can use any wild mushrooms you have on hand.

Russian Vegan Ukha Soup

Mushroom and Barley Soup

Easy-to-make and incredibly delicious soup which reminds me the taste of Russian fish soup called Ukha. My friends couldn't believe I cooked it without any fish. In fact, this is nori what gives those sea flavours to the soup.

Russian Vegan Entrees

Russian Vegan Mushroom Pelmeni

Mushroom Pelmeni

These stunning Russian dumplings came from Siberia, the region of severe winters! The dish is super-popular in Russia, so don't miss a chance to try the taste of Russia!

Russian Roasted Buckwheat with Veggies

Roasted Buckwheat with Vegetables

For those who is not familiar with buckwheat, I strongly recommend to buy these healthy grains and try this recipe. It's also known as kasha and definetely can be found in Russian or Ukranian stores.

Russian Vegan Desserts

Russian Vegan Blini


These are truly amazing vegan blini! Delicate, fluffy traditional Russian pancakes we enjoyed during all the previous week and still are not going to stop!

Russian Oladushki Pancakes


These thick and fluffy pancakes will melt in your mouth! The recipe is very easy and you will need only 4 ingredients to cook an amazing breakfast for you and your family!

Russian Vegan Sharlotka Pie

Sharlotka Pie

What is the most traditional fall pie in Russia? It's Sharlotka apple pie of course! Here is my veganised recipe of this amazing dessert. 

Russian Vegan Sharlotka Pie

Sharlotka Pie

Apple pie is the most common pie of Russian cuisine. This version is veganised and healthy. You will never believe that it's egg, dairy, refined sugar and gluten free!

Russian Vegan Beverages

Russian Raw Vegan Cranberry Morse

Raw Cranberry Morse

Morse is a traditional Russian drink made of forest berries, honey and water. Try this revitalizing raw berry drink to support your health during long winter months. This yummy and healthy drink will make you feel and look good!

In case you have any suggestions, please write me in the comment section, what Russian dish you'd like to see in my blog. 


Posted on 3 April 2014


Logunov 4 April 2014
Honey, I think we can cook Oladushki & Golubtsy! :) I am typing this and my stomach wants it already )))

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vegelicacy 25 April 2014
Sure my sweetheart! :)

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rika@vm 26 May 2014
My bestie always make me Russian fried potato & cabbage, it was so good! Now I am very eager to try some of your Russian recipes!

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vegelicacy 3 June 2014
I look forward to your opinion :)

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Mel 26 December 2014
Hi! I would love to see a veganized version of cake rijik/Russian honey cake :)

Reply form

Mel 26 December 2014
Also a veganized Okroshka!

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vegelicacy 8 February 2015
Hello Mel, thank you for your suggestions! I will think how to veganize these recipes. I have tried Okroshka with Kvas, but didn't like how it turned out. Please tell me, is Russian kvas available where you live?

Reply form

Jasmine 18 February 2015
Lent starts on Monday (I'm American Orthodox) I do the strict fast (vegan, no alcohol) during the weekend (fish and wine/beer on the weekend) and I was just thinking "surely there has to be some vegan russian recipes out there". Thanks!

Reply form

vegelicacy 19 February 2015
Hello Jasmine! I can't wait because during lent days almost all restaurants in Russia have special menu suitable for vegans, yay! Thank you for your comment, hope you will love Russian cuisine!

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Maria 3 April 2015
Just discovered your blog! Amazing!!! I have some russian relatives and really enjoyed the russian food before going vegan. Tried to veganize some of the food like pelmeni, borscht and vareniki, but still missed some of the amazing russian salads. Thanks for inspirations!!!

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vegelicacy 4 April 2015
Hi Maria! Thank you for stopping by! Hope you and your family will enjoy these helthier versions of traditional Russian dishes. And yes, the salads are soo good!

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Prakash 20 June 2016
Hello, Miss vegevegelicacy . I like your page so much , I am from India and I want to add some of your dishes to our food truck menu .

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Aleksandr 29 November 2016
Hi!! Thank you for the recipes, although I went to the cranberry morse link and it brought me to the .jpg photo link. Just wanted to let you know!!

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Yulia 19 September 2017
Hi, these are amazing recipes! I had no idea I could make some of my favourite dishes vegan. Very helpful as I've been missing these lately. I also tried to read the morse recipe, but the link took me to the .jpg image. Wanted to let you know, and hope its back up soon!

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